Here at Chester le Street Health, we offer a range of services to suit all of our patients needs.

Weekend support for vulnerable patients

CLSH is leading the project of Weekend support for Vulnerable Patients by facilitating an integrated working model of weekend access to a GP, for vulnerable patients within the patient population of the practices covering the Chester Le Street constituency area.

The weekend cover will be available from 8am to 6pm offering seven day access to a general practitioner for patients registered with a GP practice within Chester Le Street constituency area. This service will not be open to all patients, but patients highlighted by one of the Chester Le Street GP practice who meet the criteria of a Vulnerable Housebound patient.

Practices will actively highlight these patients and ‘sign them up’ to this additional weekend service. It is expected the patients suitable for this pilot will be housebound, chronic co morbidities, palliative and patients with complex medical needs.

Cryotherapy Services

CLSH is to provide in the near future, to the local practices covering the Chester Le Street constituency area, equipment to ensure practices can offer a number of minor surgical procedures locally. Therefore enhancing the services the practices can offer to their patents.