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Call to delay compulsory Covid vaccines for NHS staff 22 Jan 2022 The Royal College of GPs asks for a national conversation on mandating jabs, as protests are held in UK cities. Read more
High Street pharmacies in England to help people lose weight 22 Jan 2022 They can refer customers to a free online NHS service that runs a programme to get people into shape. Read more
Covid: PM faces crucial week and nightclubs reopen in Scotland 24 Jan 2022 Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Monday morning. Read more
Covid: Wales could recruit non-jabbed English NHS staff 23 Jan 2022 Covid vaccines are not compulsory for NHS staff in Wales but are being mandated in England. Read more
Heart surgery Wales: Calls for child operations to resume 24 Jan 2022 Children have had to travel across the border for heart surgery since 1998. Read more
Covid-19: 'We'll be second-class citizens if self-isolation rules go' 21 Jan 2022 People with conditions that mean the vaccine does not work fear the removal of self-isolation rules. Read more
Shield badges for Scots to distance from Covid 23 Jan 2022 Badges and lanyards signal that the wearer would like others to give them extra space in public. Read more
Covid in Scotland: Nightclubs return as restrictions eased 24 Jan 2022 First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the changes following a significant fall in new case numbers last week. Read more
Covid-19: Gear-shift in pandemic amid Omicron surge in NI 24 Jan 2022 Confirmed cases of the virus remain relatively steady, but hospital numbers are slowly falling. Read more
Covid infections falling across the UK, says ONS 19 Jan 2022 It's the most significant drop since the Omicron wave hit the country in December, the figures suggest. Read more
Tonga tsunami: Health warnings over toxic volcanic ash and sulphur 19 Jan 2022 People are being advised to remain indoors to escape the dangerous ash and gases in the air. Read more
Should bad science be censored on social media? 19 Jan 2022 A Royal Society report recommends against censoring scientific misinformation online. Read more
Blood donors saved Merthyr Tydfil mum and her daughters 21 Jan 2022 Shelley Parry says she would have died and left a heartbroken family behind without blood donors. Read more
Covid: NHS in push to vaccinate the final four million 21 Jan 2022 Hard-to-reach groups – from rough sleepers to fairground workers – are being targeted in a final vaccine push. Read more
NHS Tracker: How is the NHS in your area coping this winter? 20 Jan 2022 Winter and Covid are putting the NHS under severe strain, find out what's happening in your area. Read more
What’s really going on with Covid deaths data? 14 Jan 2022 A bigger proportion of deaths recorded in the daily data are people who died with Covid, rather than from it. Read more
Three ethical issues around pig heart transplants 11 Jan 2022 A pig's heart has been used in a human transplant operation - what are the questions to consider? Read more
Omicron: How do I know if I have it? 04 Jan 2022 The symptoms are similar to a cold, while genetic analysis is the only way to confirm the variant. Read more
What are the Covid variants and will vaccines still work? 23 Dec 2021 A new Covid variant has emerged that looks worryingly different to the one vaccines were designed to fight. Read more
What are the Covid rules in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? 24 Jan 2022 England is scrapping "Plan B" as Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales also ease rules. Read more
Covid: How to look after yourself at home 18 Jan 2022 What can you expect if you have Covid, and when should you get extra help? Read more
Covid vaccine ‘waning immunity’: How worried should I be? 14 Nov 2021 Is the effectiveness of Covid vaccines waning over time? We look at how much protection being double vaccinated offers. Read more
When can I have a booster jab and how do I book one? 18 Jan 2022 Some companies are cutting sick pay for unvaccinated staff who have to isolate after exposure to Covid. Read more
Why bonding over the Euros appeared to increase Covid cases in men 01 Aug 2021 Psychologists say men need to be part of a group in order to vent their feelings and emotions. Read more
Covid: Why are 12-15s now being double-jabbed? 29 Nov 2021 All children aged 12 to 15 are being offered two doses of Covid vaccine. Read more
Why you shouldn't get a second Covid jab too early 02 Jul 2021 A government scientific advisor tells Newsbeat why four weeks is too soon between Covid jabs. Read more
Beta coronavirus variant: What is the risk? 29 Jul 2021 There are fears that this version of coronavirus, first identified in South Africa, is Read more
Covid rules: How can the clinically vulnerable stay safe? 13 Jul 2021 As social-distancing and other Covid rules end in England, how can people who were shielding stay safe? Read more
What are the latest rules for face coverings and masks? 21 Jan 2022 People in England will soon no longer be legally required to wear facemasks. Read more
How many cases in your area? 23 Jan 2022 Explore the data on coronavirus in the UK and find out how many cases there are in your area. Read more
Covid: When can teenagers get a second dose? 17 Nov 2021 All 16 and 17 year-olds in the UK can now have a second dose 12 weeks after the first. Read more
How do we know Covid vaccines are safe? 10 May 2021 Busting myths and explaining the facts around vaccines. Read more
Coronavirus: What it does to the body 14 Mar 2020 What is it like to have the coronavirus, how will it affect you and how is it treated? Read more
Support bubbles: How do they work and who is in yours? 06 Jan 2021 Some people across the UK have been able to form "support bubbles" or "extended households". Read more
How to get a Covid test 17 Jan 2022 Across the UK, people without symptoms no longer have to confirm a positive LFT result with a PCR. Read more
All you need to know on the coronavirus 06 Oct 2021 A new cough, fever and change in smell or taste are the key symptoms of coronavirus. Read more
Coronavirus: Intensive care and other key terms explained 03 May 2020 Use our tool to check the meaning of key words and phrases associated with the Covid-19 outbreak. Read more
Coronavirus: What is the risk to men over 50? 16 Apr 2020 While most people will have mild symptoms and recover quickly, some are more prone to getting sick. Read more
Coronavirus: Do face masks actually work? 14 Mar 2020 With face masks in high demand, we look at whether they really can protect people from the virus. Read more
PM announces end to Plan B Covid measures 19 Jan 2022 Various restrictions in England, including the recommendation to work from home, will be lifted. Read more
Team GB gymnasts join defibrillator campaign 18 Jan 2022 Becky and Ellie Downie have joined a defibrillator campaign after their brother suffered a cardiac arrest. Read more
Covid-19: Cases falling in UK cautiously good news - epidemiologist 17 Jan 2022 Epidemiologist Professor Mike Tildesley says we could be seeing the Omicron wave turning around. Read more
Covid vaccine: Your concerns answered 17 Jan 2022 BBC Reality Check answers your vaccine concerns - from pregnancy fears to production speed. Read more
Key moments: Dr Anthony Fauci and the pandemic 16 Jan 2022 After a viral hot mic moment, here's how Fauci's frustration has been building for the last two years. Read more

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